Acoustics in the focus

Acoustics in the focus

Optimising workplace acoustics is one of the chief challenges addressed by office architecture. It requires a great deal of attention right from the very first moment.

+   Warum beschäftigt sich Büroarchitektur mit Akustik? Arbeitgebende haben die gesetzliche Verantwortung, den akustischen Anforderungen verschiedener Tätigkeiten Rechnung zu tragen. Durchdachte Akustiklösungen fördern Konzentration und Produktivität. Und akustisch optimierte Arbeitswelten sind ein Zeichen der Wertschätzung und wirken sich positiv auf das Wohlbefinden und die Gesundheit der Mitarbeitenden aus.

+ How can different acoustic requirements be met? We think of working environments as acoustic landscapes made up of different zones with clearly defined profiles and consciously designed transitions. We base this process on the needs of the employees and the requirements of the activities and forms of work.

+ How to combine acoustics and aesthetics? We see acoustics as an integral part of professional and contemporary office architecture. We take advantage of the multifunctional qualities of materials, furniture and other elements. For us, lamps not only have to provide good light, but also have acoustic benefits. Seating must not only be comfortable, but also absorb sound. And creative wall designs must provide a little privacy for confidential conversations.

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