Efficient and committed

As a service provider, we focus solely on the success of your project. This is why our core team is not made up of lots of people but of the right people who support our clients with passion and expertise. Ernst, von Petersdorff + Partner AG is a service company dedicated to offices. We are by your side from the planning stage to the turnkey solution. We have extensive expertise in planning, designing and implementing office space designs. We have been passionately discussing topics such as the ideal use of space, lighting design, acoustics, colours and materials as well as design and conceptual design for many years.

Over 300 projects completed! Deadlines and costs were 100% complied with in all properties!

A space that reflects your corporate identity
The architecture is adjusted to the company, not the company to the architecture. Corporate architecture is the spatial expression of a company’s unique identity. It involves making a company’s values visible and tangible. We use light, colour, shapes and materials to create a long-term overall experience that expresses the dynamism and vibrancy of a company and its employees.


Office success factors
The modern, dynamic office can adapt itself and understands the interplay of communication and concentration, which have long been assumed opposites. It respects employees’ privacy and creates the groundwork for efficient teamwork. The office interior architecture enables employees to appreciate each other, meet spontaneously and communicate in a non-hierarchical way. And it also creates opportunities to retreat for undisturbed, focused work.


Work lifestyle
To ensure employees feel completely at ease, their requirements, the team structure and communication processes need to be considered. What does a workplace need to offer to everyone? How does the office infrastructure support team-based organisation? Where and in which form can discussions take place? These and other questions have to be answered when creating an office environment that offers an ideal work lifestyle.