Developing the space

Walking the tightrope of your vision, available floor space and requirements. Thinking freely and independently. Building trust. Providing security. Making decisions.

So that the next steps get you towards your goal.

  • Property evaluation
  • Determining your space requirements
  • Space/area analysis
  • Room layout/study
  • Cost estimation
  • Checking building interfaces
  • Communication

Interior design

Designing the space

Leaving room for dynamics and developments. Revising structures and processes. Seizing opportunities. Creating a world for culture(s). Making work an experience. Maybe even reinventing the company.

So that today paves the way to tomorrow.

  • Understanding customer expectations
  • Design ideas and planning
  • Suggesting materials and colours
  • Detailed planning
  • Cost estimation
  • Building application

Implementation and interior design

Creating the space

Paying attention to every detail. Being there on site. Speaking everyone’s language. Coordinating, directing and supervising. Keeping on top of timing and costs. Acting as a unified whole. Taking responsibility.

So that your project succeeds in reality, not just in theory.

  • Implementation planning
  • Award of contract
  • Acceptance/final invoice

Fixtures, fittings and relocation

Preparing the space

Preparing your new working environment. Making space to work and wind down. Defining pathways. Making new things accessible. Ensuring smooth transitions and avoiding interruptions. Managing the move in. Getting settled in.

  • Current state analysis
  • Dynamic zoning
  • Furniture planning
  • Invitation to tender/submission of furnishings
  • Samples
  • Communication

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